The U.S. Navy A-7 Corsair II
My planned visit to shoot my favorite Navy jet at NAS Cecil Field was put on hold due to the outbreak of 'Desert Storm'. I was told my planned visit would not be until after hostilities had ceased, and aircraft returned home. My visit did take place as promised, but sadly, all Corsair's had been retired, and moved off to 'AMARC', to be replaced in service with FA-18 Hornets. Many of the A-7's depicted here would have been the ones seen at Cecil, had I gone. Thanks to my good friend Michel van Klaveren, whom I am convinced has every A-7 in his collection, has allowed me to add a few of his prized images of the 'SLUF' to my site; Thank you Michel.

It has never been my intention to have other photographers work on my site, especially a gallery, but with the A-7 being such a favorite of mine, I hope you do not mind the change of rules for this page being on my site.

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va15 a7

157586  AC:300  A-7E  of  VA-15  The Valions

va83 a7

160867  AA:304  A-7E  of  VA-83  The Rampagers

va105 a7

158673  AC:402  A-7E  of  VA-105  The Gunslingers

va72 a7

160552  AC:400  A-7E  of  VA-72  The Blue Hawks

va22 a7

160721  NL:316  A-7E  of  VA-22  The Fighting Redcocks

va153 a7

153220  NM:311  A-7A  of  VA-153  The Blue Tailed Flies


va37 a7

159996  AE:305  A-7E  of  VA-37  The Bulls

va86 a7

157492  AJ:405  A-7E  of  VA-86  The Sidewinders

va203 a7

153242  AF:310  A-7A  of  VA-203  The Blue Dolphins

va82 a7

156745  AJ:312  A-7C  of  VA-82  The Marauders

va27 a7

156816  NK:407  A-7E  of  VA-27  The Royal Maces

va303 a7

153190  ND:321  A-7A  of  VA-303  The Golden Hawks


va81 a7

160714  AA:403  A-7E  of  VA-81  The Sunliners

va87 a7

159659  AE:403  A-7E  of  VA-87  The Golden Warriors

va46 a7

154481  AB:305  A-7B  of  VA-46  The Clansman

va204 a7

154552  AF:401  A-7B  of  VA-204  The River Rattlers

va56 a7

153248  NF:404  A-7A  of  VA-56  The Champions

va305 a7

154354  ND:507  A-7A  of  VA-305  The Lobos