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October 2004; This current update was long overdue, and much thanks goes once again to my friend Sarah who under took the 'make over' to re-vamp my site. After many months of 'komputa Mk1' problems, with it finally refusing to partake in anything other than a blank black screen, it was finally retired in favour of a much newer one dubbed 'komputa Mk2' during Christmas week 2003. I do hope you like what you see.  As always, I will welcome your comments... This was not posted when I originally had hoped, mainly due to further gallery pages being added, and looking around for a suitable location for it; so here it is

August 2003; Yet again I have managed to fall way behind, partly due to me, with far to many promises made to get things done, which in reality, does not work anyway. The other being the adorable telephone line connection, which always managed to drop the connection at the most crucial time, reverting to much frustrations, and the immediate air turning blue! This has been corrected, by signing up for 'broadband', now I have no excuses for updating.

April 2002; I have loaded 6 more galleries, most of these views are more of a nostalgic look back which I hope you will enjoy. My original plan was to have loaded 3 of these in March, but due to BT line fault, this was not possible. Your comments on these new galleries would be most welcomed, as indeed would those of earlier galleries. Caz

Updated December 2004 - Caz Caswell has had a lifelong interest in aviation. In 1955-58 he went to school at Luqa airport in Malta where he would watch the RAF aircraft of the era landing and departing. In 1972 he joined Laker Airways.  By this time he was building a large aviation photo slide collection with his new Pentax S1a SLR camera, and his privileged position at Laker's base, at London-Gatwick Airport - LGW. Just before the demise of Laker in 1977, Caz moved to Canada where he worked for the historic airline, Wardair Canada. He then worked with commuter operator's Ontario Express for a short time, and then Air Toronto. Prior to returning home to England in January 2001, Caz worked for Field Aviation East in Toronto for 10 years, where he was heavily involved in procurement for converting, & the updating of many de Havilland Dash 8 aircraft, notably the 5 Dash 8-200's for National Jet, that were converted to 'Maritime Patrol Aircraft' (DHC-8MPA) for the Australian 'Coastwatch' program. Still in aviation, Caz now works in sales for Avtrade in the village of Poynings, in West Sussex, England. After an absence of nearly 5 years, Caz is once again doing what he loves best; photographing aircraft. Sarah Ward 2004.

This web site was designed by Ms Sarah Ward, and many thanks must go to her for the encouragement she has given to me to start my own site. Most of the hard work was performed by Sarah, prior to me adding the additional galleries.

me 2004

Galleries of choice photos from his extensive collection of unpublished aviation slides - dating from 1969 to today - more will be added to this website in as time permits.


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