Heathrow in the 1970's
Watching the departures on 28-Right at London-Heathrow Airport



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Air France Caravelle III F-BRHS

Air France Caravelle III

Air France Boeing 707 F-BHSL

Air France Boeing 707

Cyprus Airways Trident Two 5B-DAA

Cyprus Airways Trident Two

National Airlines DC-8-53 N108RD

National Airlines Douglas DC-8

Pan American Airways Boeing 707-320C N402PA

Pan American Boeing 707-320

Aer Lingus Boeing 737-200 EI-ASD in 1960s markings

Aer Lingus Boeing 737-200

BEA One-Eleven series 510 G-AVMZ

BEA 'Super One-Eleven'

Lufthansa Boeing 727-100 D-ABIA

Lufthansa Boeing 727-100

Pan Am Boeing 747-100 in original markings

Pan Am Boeing 747-100

SABENA Boeing 727-80 OO-STA

SABENA Boeing 727-80

Iberia Douglas DC-9-32 EC-BQY

Iberia Douglas DC-9-32

TAP of Portugal Boeing 727-100 CS-TBO

TAP Portugal Boeing 727-100

Swissair Douglas DC9-32 HB-IFS

Swissair Douglas DC-9-32

Iran National Airlines Boeing 707

Iran National Airlines Boeing 707



BEA Trident 1C G-ARPM in 1969 markings

BEA Trident 1C

Trans World Boeing 707 N771TW

TWA Boeing 707




Swissair Convair 990 'Coronado' HB-ICE

Swissair Convair 990

Alitalia Douglas DC-9-32 I-DIKU

Alitalia Douglas DC-9-32

KLM Douglas DC-9-32 PH-DNG

KLM  Douglas DC-9-32

JAL Douglas DC-8-53

Japan Air Lines DC-8-53

Kuwait Airways Boeing 707

Kuwait Airways Boeing 707

BEA Vanguard G-APED

BEA Vanguard

Air Canada DC-8-50

Air Canada Douglas DC-8-50

TWA Boeing 747-100 in original markings

TWA Boeing 747-100