A Tribute to Wardair

My tribute to yet another great airline, that I also had the pleasure to work for; but this time, on the other side of the Atlantic. Mr. Ward also had the flair like Sir Freddie did, to provide the very best, also at a cheaper cost. Mr. Wards exploits with the Canadian Government are well documented. They too could not fight with the larger carriers, in this case, Air Canada.



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fox moth

CF-DJB   Fox Moth with 47 behind at YYZ    08 November 1978


CF-FUN  727-11C  at LGW from the south finger in 1970


C-FFUN  747-124  a nocturnal shot at YYZ in 1982


C-GXRC   DC-10-30  at  YYZ   on 12 April 1983


Max & Marjorie

This was the Fox Moths last flight, it was being donated to the National Aviation Museum in Ottawa May 89



CF-ITF    DHC-3 Otter  a DHC publicity shot in the 1950's


C-FZYP    707-396C   at YYZ  on  04 November 1978


C-GXVG-X  DHC-7-102C still on test with DHC at YZD 09 March 1979


C-GVYX  DHC-4A Caribou in the scheme that I helped design. Used to access  MWW's  fish camp up north 16 April 1981


C-GBWD A310-304 in a spirited take off from YYZ on 03 September 1989

The 12 strong fleet of A310's were loved by all




C-FCOL  Gulfstream 1 at YZF -n 1978


CF-WAD Bristol 170 Mk 31 Freighter at YEG on 31 July 1974

3 47's

A miserable day turned out this un-likely shot of 3 747's at YYZ 1985


C-GIZN    A300C4-203 on delivery at YYZ in September 1987


The dedication

MWW gives a speech at the National Aviation Museum as his Fox Moth was unveiled for the first time late1989